The Divine Science School provides expert instruction for students interested in inner growth to help them discover their inner potential as spiritual beings, gain an understanding of universal laws and create a fulfilling life experience. For the individual interested in service as well as knowledge, upper level courses are offered in Teacher training, Practitioner work (Spiritual Counseling) and the Divine Science Ministry.

The full complement of six-ten week classes (
Fundamentals of Divine Science; Spiritual Psychology, Meditation, Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, Old Testament, Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, New Testament, Higher Training and Consecration) are offered through the year at Extension Campuses of the Divine Science School and by Teacher/Representatives of the School as well as at the Home Campus.

The basic six classes are also available through home study. Students are assigned a personal instructor upon class registration. All home work will be returned with comments and suggestions.  A class must be completed within one year of receipt of the first lesson. Homework should be sent through e-mail.

If you'd like to learn more about Divine Science teachings, we recommend that you purchase our textbook from the Divine Science Federation - DIVINE SCIENCE: Its Principle and Practice. Other books that might be helpful in gaining a greater understanding of Divine Science and that can be ordered from the Federation are:

The Divine Science Way - Irwin Gregg
Short Lessons in Divine Science - Nona Brooks
Divine Science and Healing - Malinda Cramer

Also, CD's of the Divine Science textbook are available through the Divine Science Church of the Healing Christ; 2025 35th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007 They may also be ordered through the church website,

(in the order they are taught)

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 Fundamentals of Divine Science

This class, which is a pre-requisite to all other classes, focuses on the belief in the Omnipresence of God.  It teaches a way of life that reveals, through personal experience, your God-given gifts and spiritual destiny.  For a more detailed description of this class, click here.

Fundamentals of Divine Science (Textbook, shipping and handling are included) $165.00
Textbook: Divine Science: Its Principle and Practice (shipping & Handling included) $ 15.00

Spiritual Psychology

An examination of the relationship between human and Divine Mind and the role of mind in attracting abundance, achieving inner serenity and spiritual growth.


Quieting the mind, focusing the attention, listening to God and being acutely aware of His Living Presence is the focus of these lessons.

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, Old Testament

In this study of the Old Testament historically, symbolically, and metaphysically, the student sees a clear picture of humankind's growing understanding of God's nature.  The Bible is the story of every soul's spiritual unfoldment.

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, New Testament

The focus of these lessons is an in-depth study of the inner meaning of the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, a Master of Life and our Wayshower and Teacher.
Higher Training and Consecration

This deeper study emphasizes Oneness - the Perfect Love, Wisdom and Abundance of God, present in us, expressing through us, as us.

Send check or Money Order to:

The Divine Science School
2025 35th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007-2216

Tuition in U.S. dollars only. Limited scholarships are available for overseas students
All students need to have internet access.

No refunds after 45 days

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