The Kingdom of Mind

It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  Luke 12:32

This kingdom that Jesus Christ spoke of is the inner kingdom, mind.  In mind each of us has a unique, ever expanding awareness of our eternal enfoldment within God’s goodness. 

The activity of mind is thought and feeling.  We begin to accept this gift of living in God’s kingdom of good as we monitor our thoughts and feelings.  No longer can the world’s opinions weigh us down with regret, guilt, anger or sadness.  God is unchanging Truth of Good.  This is the only Presence and Activity in both the invisible world of mind and the visible expressions we call life, no matter what the appearance.

God gave each of us the kingdom that can only be the nature of God:  love, peace, joy, wisdom.  We claim this magnificent inheritance as we trust that we can never be separated from the loving activity of God.  Each moment, each challenge, each indecision is an opportunity to embrace this higher, deeper understanding and be loved and guided by this divine Presence. 

Thank you, God, for your loving closeness, forever.

 (Thoughts provided by Rev. Mary Emma Dryden ~ August 12, 2014)

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