Our Spiritual Lineage

We are in the long line of spiritual seekers and worshipers that extend back even beyond the illumined spiritual writer of Psalm 84:11 of three thousand years ago.  He wrote that the Lord God is a sun and shield, the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

Sun and shield:  light and protection;  grace:  the gift of God’s unconditional love – unearned, undeserved;  and an inner glory of fulfillment.  To walk uprightly is to live moment to moment knowing that we can never be separated from God, our Source, our Creator.

To walk uprightly, we must have good in our hearts – in our awareness and feelings.  Good is our expectation.  Good is our perception.  Good is our understanding.  It must be so, as God and God in action is all there is.  Before we can see the good with our eyes, we have an attitude that good is present.  We identify ourselves with good.  We accept that good is our birthright, not earned by our efforts.  Feeling by feeling we build an unshakeable bond with the writer of Psalm 84 as we love God with all our heart and soul.

With God’s help we walk uprightly and no good thing will be withheld from our mind and heart.

Thank you, loving Father, that we are Yours today and forever.

 (Thoughts provided by Rev. Mary Emma Dryden ~ July 26, 2014)

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